Adorable dresses for your little ones.
Milled, stitched + crafted in Los Angeles, California.


Designed with love

Our dresses were designed at our kitchen table and perfected at a design house in Los Angeles. We work with an amazing manufacturer and oversee the production closely.

Milled just for you

Our fabric is milled especially for Little Platz in an eco-friendly fabric mill. We use an organic cotton/spandex blend that feels luxurious and durable.


Organic Fabric

Organic cotton is softer, better for the environment and safer for you and your children. Organic farming is toxin free and helps protect the health farmers, consumers, and entire wildlife eco-systems.

Made in USA

We are proud that our business is able to support American factories, fabric mills, and dye houses. All our clothing is made in Los Angeles, California.



Hi there! My name is Ainsley Anderson.  I am a mother and entrepreneur with a background in design and love for fashion.

When our daughter was a toddler we bought her all sorts of clothes. Some cheap, some expensive. My husband once said, "I love the dresses you buy that have wide hems, thick fabric and nice zippers. They look and feel so much better." We didn't have a lot of money at the time but that encouragement of quality not quantity stuck with me. 

We created Little Platz in 2016 with excellence in mind: better fabric, eco-friendly production, clothing that lasts and zippers that glide with ease. We are proud to create a product that feels as good as it looks.

The name? Platz means "place" in German and is a nickname my husband gave me while we were students living in Vienna. It's been eleven years and I'm still Platz. 

Thanks for stopping by + be sure and join us on Instagram at @littleplatz.


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